The Evolution of Racism: Human Differences and the Use and Abuse of Science

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Publication Type: Book
Authors: Shipman, Pat
Year of Publication: 2002
Number of Pages: 320
Publisher: Harvard University Press
City: Cambridge
Publication Language: eng
ISBN Number: 0674008626
Keywords: Evolution (Biology)., Racism

In an intellectually engaging narrative that mixes science and history, theories and personalities, Pat Shipman asks the question: Can we have legitimate scientific investigations of differences among humans without sounding racist?Through the original controversy over evolutionary theory in Darwin's time; the corruption of evolutionary theory into eugenics; the conflict between laboratory research in genetics and fieldwork in physical anthropology and biology; and the continuing controversies over the heritability of intelligence, criminal behavior, and other traits, the book explains both prewar eugenics and postwar taboos on letting the insights of genetics and evolution into the study of humanity. One long argument: 1857 -- A man who has lost himself -- The question of questions for mankind -- Enthusiastic propagandism -- Freedom in science -- Survival of the unfittest -- Sweeping toward a racial abyss -- As blond as Hitler -- All non-Jews are anti-semitic -- Pernicious doctrines of racial inequality -- As brainwashed as Pavlov's puppies -- To padlock the mind -- The ratio of light to heat -- A conflict character

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