Dr. Margaret Schoeninger - MOP Director, Professor

Dr. Nissi Varki - Veterinary Records, Blood Serum, Professor

John Moreland - Catalog and Document Software, CT Scanning, Data Processing, Medical Image Production

Jesse Robie - MOP Manager, Curation

John Spotts - Veterinary Records

Ingrid Benirschke-Perkins - Communications and Outreach


Emily Baratz - Curation

Melanie Beasley - Curation, Course Lecturer

Tatiana Bihun Capifali - Curation

Kate Corbin - CT Scanning, Curation

Alyssa Crittenden - Collections Management

Connor Dixon - Curation

Amanda Edwards - Curation

Andy Froehle - CT Scanning, Curation

Christine Lambert - Curation

Kristen Snodgrass - CT Scanning, Curation

Technical Contributors

Christina Schone - IHS Radiographer

Alyson Page - IHS Radiographer

Dr. Robert Sah - Bioengineering Lab, Micro CT

Esther Cory - Sah Lab Micro CT Technician


Merissa Olmer - Curation

Snowe Childress - Curation

Sandra McCann - Cataloging

Divya Bhat - Radiobraph Scanning

Amy Cheshire - Micro CT Reconstructions

Jonathan Mejia - Curation