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URL Title Authors # Comments Related MOCA Topics Year of Publication Date Added Social support drives female dominance in the spotted hyaena C. Vullioud et al. 0 2018 2018-11-28 Beetle and plant arrow poisons of the Ju|'hoan and Hai||om San peoples of Namibia (Insecta, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae; Plantae, Anacardiaceae, Apocynaceae, Burseraceae). C. Chaboo et al. 0 2016 2018-04-19
Reciprocal signaling in honeyguide-human mutualism. C. Spottiswoode et al. 0 2016 2017-09-12 The carnivorous feeding behavior of early Homo at HWK EE, Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. M. Pante et al. 0 2017 2017-08-15 Climate change and the African baobab (Adansonia digitata L.): the need for better conservation strategies 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Tree communities and structural dynamics in miombo (Brachystegia–Julbernardia) woodland, Tanzania 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Chloroplast DNA phylogeography suggests a West African centre of origin for the baobab, Adansonia digitata L. (Bombacoideae, Malvaceae). J. Tsy et al. 0 2009 2016-04-13 The Baobab---Africa's upside-down tree* 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 EGALITARIAN SOCIETIES* 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Eat first, share later: Hadza hunter–gatherer men consume more while foraging than in central places 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Hadza gender rituals – epeme and maitoko – considered as counterparts 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Risk and opportunity for humans coexisting with large carnivores. A. Treves et al. 0 1999 2016-04-13 Reconstructing hominin interactions with mammalian carnivores (6.0–1.8 Ma) 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Further evidence for phenotypic signatures of hybridization in descendant baboon populations. R. Ackermann et al. 0 2014 2016-04-13 Out of Africa, but how and when? The case of hamadryas baboons (Papio hamadryas). G. Kopp et al. 0 2014 2016-04-13 Genetic structure in a dynamic baboon hybrid zone corroborates behavioural observations in a hybrid population. M. Charpentier et al. 0 2012 2016-04-13 Mitochondrial phylogeography of baboons (Papio spp.): indication for introgressive hybridization? D. Zinner et al. 0 2009 2016-04-13 Extensive population genetic structure in the giraffe. D. Brown et al. 0 2007 2016-04-13 Comparative phylogeography of African savannah ungulates. E. Lorenzen et al. 0 2012 2016-04-13 Caught between two worlds: genes and environment influence behaviour of plains  Grevy's zebra hybrids in central Kenya 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Evolution of early Homo: An integrated biological perspective 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Social networks and cooperation in hunter-gatherers. C. Apicella et al. 0 2012 2016-04-13 Reciprocal painting between humans, De Brazza's and patas monkeys reveals a major bifurcation in the Cercopithecini phylogenetic tree. R. Stanyon et al. 0 2005 2016-04-13 Tippoo Tib, the story of his career in Central Africa 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 An early Australopithecus afarensis postcranium from Woranso-Mille, Ethiopia. Y. Haile-Selassie et al. 0 2010 2016-04-13 A new hominin foot from Ethiopia shows multiple Pliocene bipedal adaptations. Y. Haile-Selassie et al. 0 2012 2016-04-13 Loss of air sacs improved hominin speech abilities. B. de Boer 0 Hyoid Bulla 2012 2016-04-13 Endocranial capacity of the bodo cranium determined from three-dimensional computed tomography. G. Conroy et al. 0 2000 2016-04-13 Composition of Tubers Used by Hadza Foragers of Tanzania 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Sex Differences in Food Preferences of Hadza Hunter-Gatherers 0 Submitted 2016-04-13 Toward a reality-based understanding of Hadza men's work: a response to Hawkes et al. (2014). B. Wood et al. 0 2014 2016-04-13 Household and kin provisioning by Hadza men. B. Wood et al. 0 2013 2016-04-13 More lessons from the Hadza about men's work. K. Hawkes et al. 0 2014 2016-04-13 Symbiotic bacteria appear to mediate hyena social odors. K. Theis et al. 0 2013 2016-04-12 African Indigenous Cattle: Unique Genetic Resources in a Rapidly Changing World. O. Mwai et al. 0 2015 2016-04-12 A pharyngeal jaw evolutionary innovation facilitated extinction in Lake Victoria cichlids. M. McGee et al. 0 2015 2016-04-12 Provenience, Age and Associations of Archaic Homo sapiens Crania from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania 0 Submitted 2016-04-12 Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia. T. White et al. 0 2003 2016-04-12 Laws and Carbon offset give new start TO Lost Tanzanian Tribe F. Nelson 0 2014 2016-04-12 A new archaic Homo sapiens fossil from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania. M. Domínguez-Rodrigo et al. 0 2008 2016-04-12 Tubers as fallback foods and their impact on Hadza hunter-gatherers. F. Marlowe et al. 0 2009 2016-04-12 Genetic Analyses Suggest Male Philopatry and Territoriality in Savanna-Woodland Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) of Ugalla, Tanzania 0 Submitted 2016-04-12 Water, plants, and early human habitats in eastern Africa. C. Magill et al. 0 2013 2016-04-12 Environment and Climate of Early Human Evolution 0 Submitted 2016-04-12 How Victoria’s fishes were knocked from their perch 0 Submitted 2016-04-12 ECOLOGY. Learning from Africa's herbivores. J. Gill 0 2015 2016-04-12 A continent-wide assessment of the form and intensity of large mammal herbivory in Africa. G. Hempson et al. 0 2015 2016-04-12 Dietary options and behavior suggested by plant biomarker evidence in an early human habitat. C. Magill et al. 0 2016 2016-02-24 EVOLUTION. How Victoria's fishes were knocked from their perch. G. Vermeij 0 2015 2015-12-21
Simplified Swahili Part 2 0 Submitted 2015-11-23
Simplified Swahili Part 1 0 Submitted 2015-11-23 Quadruped Skeleton Manual . 0 1982 2014-08-05
Perissodactyla (Zebra, Rhino, Tapir) Skeletal Manual 0 Submitted 2014-08-05 Genetic variation and adaptation in Africa: implications for human evolution and disease. F. Gomez et al. 0 2014 2014-07-07 A natural history of human tree climbing. T. Kraft et al. 0 2014 2014-05-20 Land relations under unbearable stress: Rwanda caught in the Malthusian trap. C. Andre et al. 1 1998 2014-05-20 Gut microbiome of the Hadza hunter-gatherers. S. Schnorr et al. 0 2014 2014-04-16 The function of zebra stripes. T. Caro et al. 0 2014 2014-04-02 Next-generation museomics disentangles one of the largest primate radiations. K. Guschanski et al. 0 2013 2014-03-06 Ardipithecus ramidus and the evolution of the human cranial base. W. Kimbel et al. 0 2014 2014-01-07