Daniel Povinelli

Daniel Povinelli is a scholar concerned with cognition, the Regents Professor of Science at the University of Louisiana and founder of the Cognitive Evolution Group.  His most recent book about chimpanzees is World Without Weight: Perspectives on an Alien Mind (Oxford: 2012).  By age 26, Daniel had received a PhD from Yale.  Within the next six years he had received a "Distinguished Early Carreer Contribution" awards from the American Psychological Association, a Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, and was appointed a Feelow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. In 2000 he received a $1 million Centennial Fellowship from the James S. McDonnel Foundatin and was named one of "20 Scientists to Watch in the Next 20 Years" by Discover magazine. In his seventh year, he was awarded the Regents Endowed Professorship in Science at his university.  In Dr. Povinelli’s words, “Our research group uses simple behavioral tests to compare and contrast how humans and chimpanzees of all ages understand the world around them.  Those who study chimpanzees and other great apes know that this is not an easy task.  First, any research with chimpanzees, even noninvasive behavioral research like ours, is sometimes seen as controversial.  Second, if you thought coping with the demands of children was difficult, wait until you spend some time around chimpanzees!”

Primary Areas of Expertise
Cognitive Science, Evolution, Human Development, Primatology, Psychology

Symposium Speaker

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2013-02-15Desperately Seeking ExplanationIs the Human Mind Unique?
2009-03-20A Critical Analysis of Claims for the Production of Art by other AnimalsEvolutionary Origins of Art and Aesthetics