Collections Access Policy

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The Museum of Primatology’s digital assets are the property of the University of California, overseen by the Museum of Primatology of the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA)


CARTA has made a substantial portion of its digital assets available for ethical academic research. While we have catalogued and scanned a large portion of physical collection items into digital form, not all of the assets can be released at this time as we continue to seek funding to process more materials and incorporate more data into our online databases. We are currently unable to make our physical assets available.


The Museum of Primatology’s digital assets are available for scholarly research, collaboration, and teaching. A CARTA account is required and each individual seeking access privileges must login and submit the MOP Access request form (this link will take you to the form after login). Determination of access is at the discretion of the MOP review committee, which will review the proposed project and research merits.

Please note: Access to hardware, operating systems, and the underlying electronic infrastructure that support the Museum of Primatology’s digital assets is restricted to Museum of Primatology staff. The ability to edit the content of the digital assets is limited to staff authorized by the Museum of Primatology.


Information contained in, or derived from, the Museum of Primatology’s digital assets is meant only for legitimate scholarly research and collaboration, and is provided on an “as is” basis. No commercial use is allowed. Copies should not be posted or made available at other sites without permission. Please cite MOP digital assets used in research as outlined in the Citation policy.


To cite any CARTA Museum of Primatology subject data used in written results for papers, manuscripts, and other published works, use the following example:

CARTA Subject IDs: 3998, 4074.  Courtesy of the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny / Museum of Primatology at UC San Diego.


Please provide the Museum of Primatology with a digital copy of your original data set(s) along with a digital copy of any publications or presentations resulting from the use of Museum of Primatology resources.  Please email data, publications, or presentations to the MOP administrators.

The Museum of Primatology will eventually post a list of linked citations of those publications or presentations, when possible, on the CARTA website.


For inquiries or assistance, please contact the MOP administrators.