Symposia Support

Join us as we "explore and explain the origins of the human phenomenon", with each symposium drawing from world experts who bring very diverse backgrounds and perspectives to our audience of millions.

CARTA symposia draw live audiences of up to 800 and each talk is simulcast on the web and accessible across the globe. Archived CARTA lectures have been viewed more than 35 million times, with a 100,000+ views occurring each month at multiple websites, including CARTA, UCSD-TV, iTunes, and YouTube. Your support has the potential to reach and forever impact a highly intelligent national and international audience.

CARTA’s goal is to ensure that these symposia remain free to attend and view online. However, to assure this sustainability and accessibility, we invite you to consider linking your name to CARTA, promoting knowledge of human origins, and gaining an insider’s access to some of the world’s most interesting scholars.

Please see our sponsor benefits below, and contact Lindsay Hunter at (858) 246-0846 or, for further information.

We invite you to partner with us in our exploration of the origin of humans and the implications for the past, present and future of our species in the coming year and beyond.

Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities

All are 100% tax deductible. Click the "Begin Symposium Gift" button below to begin your donation online or download a PDF to submit your check by mail.

  • Lead Sponsor ($50,000), Underwrite entire event
  • Co-sponsor ($25,000), Underwrite half the event
  • Patron ($10,000), Underwrite speaker travel
  • Advocate ($5,000), Underwrite video recording
  • Enthusiast ($3,000), Underwrite program printing
  • Friend ($1,000), Underwrite video closed captioning
  • Other (select own contribution)

Symposium Sponsorship Benefits