Anthropogeny Graduate Specialization – Fellowship Support

In January 2010, members of CARTA joined with other interested faculty at UC San Diego to form a Faculty of Anthropogeny, which offers a Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny. The three-year program is open to UC San Diego degree candidates from eight PhD-granting programs on campus who are interested in human origins. These include the graduate programs in Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Neurosciences, Psychology and Visual Arts. Successful completion grants a parenthetical degree in Anthropogeny. Students enrolled in the graduate specialization track are required to complete the curriculum of elective courses on Human Origins, participate in CARTA’s scientific symposia and ensuing discussions, network with researchers from around the world, and cross-train with peers from a variety of disciplines.

Graduate students complementing a traditional PhD degree with a specialization in Anthropogeny gain valuable training in transdisciplinary research spanning both social and natural sciences. Such skill and qualification greatly benefits students as they embark on future careers in both public and private sectors, where the ability to mediate between different types of knowledge bases is becoming increasingly important.

Thanks to past support from CARTA’s primary sponsor, The G. Harold & Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation, as well as several generous donors, CARTA has been able to award graduate fellowships in Anthropogeny to the most committed and highly motivated students participating in the program. A typical award of $20,000 can be used for stipend, tuition or fees for one year.

Needless to say, fellowship support can be a game changer. Support at this level means that students have the freedom to focus more time on their research and extra course load associated with the Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny and less time worrying about securing additional funding for their research. And the long-term impact is huge. Students gain the capacity to understand and integrate scientific knowledge from widely varying fields – a skill that has ongoing application in both their professional and personal lives.

To learn more about this unique program and/or how to lend your support, contact Lindsay Hunter at (858) 246-0846 or