Support Anthropogeny Graduate Fellowships

Since 2010, members of CARTA and other interested faculty at UC San Diego have comprised a unique Faculty of Anthropogeny, which offers a one-of-a-kind Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny. The Anthropogeny track complements a traditional PhD degree by adding valuable training in transdisciplinary research spanning both social and natural sciences. Such skill and qualification greatly benefits students as they embark on future careers in both public and private sectors, where the ability to mediate between different types of knowledge bases is becoming increasingly important. 

Your support of the Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny (a typical award is $20,000) gives highly motivated graduate students the freedom to focus their energy on their research and extra course load. The result is an increasing pool of students with the capacity to understand and integrate scientific knowledge from widely varying fields – a skill greatly needed in our changing world. A HUGE LEGACY IMPACT!

To learn more about this unique program and how to lend your support, please contact Jesse Robie at (858) 246-0846 or