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CARTA encourages transdisciplinary research to advance our understanding of human origins through its symposium series. CARTA symposia provide a forum for researchers in varied fields to come together "to explore and explain the human phenomenon.” Member interactions continue after symposia and via the web site. This page lists examples of publications inspired by interactions amongst CARTA members. The list will be updated periodically.

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Brain Evolution, Preuss, TM, International Encyclopedia of Primatology, Wiley-Blackwell, (Submitted)
Language, Locke, J, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Lifespan Human Development, (Submitted)
Language and thought are not the same thing: Evidence from neuroimaging and neurological patients, Fedorenko, E, Varley R, Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences, (Submitted)
Of the body and the hands: Patterned iconicity for semantic categories, Hwang, S., Tomita N., Morgan H., Ergin R., Ilkbasaran D., Seegers S., Lepic R., Padden C., Language and Cognition, (Submitted)

In Press

Human life history evolution: new perspectives on body and brain growth, Austad, SN, Finch CE, On Human Nature: Evolution, Diversity, Psychology, Ethics, Politics and Religion, Academic Press, (In Press)


A Mouse Model for Dietary Xenosialitis: ANTIBODIES TO XENOGLYCAN CAN REDUCE FERTILITY., Ma, F, Deng L, Secrest P, Shi L, Zhao J, Gagneux P, J Biol Chem, 291:18222-31, (2016)
A natural history of human morality, Tomasello, M., p.208, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, (2016)
Allosteric Modulation as a Unifying Mechanism for Receptor Function and Regulation, Changeux, J-P, Christopoulos A., Cell, 166:1084 - 1102, (2016)
Bullies: Redefining the Human Free-Rider Problem, Boehm, C., Darwin’s Bridge: Uniting the Humanities and Sciences, p.384, Oxford University Press, New York, (2016)
Cortical cell and neuron density estimates in one chimpanzee hemisphere., Collins, CE, Turner EC, Sawyer EK, Reed JL, Young NA, Flaherty DK, Kaas JH, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, (2016)
Decoding Human Accelerated Regions, Pollard, K. S, The Scientist , August 2016, (2016)
Demography and Evolutionary Ecology of Hadza Hunter-Gatherers, Blurton-Jones, N., Cambridge University Press, New York, (2016)
Development Plus Social Selection in the Emergence of "Emotionally Modern" Humans, Hrdy, S., Childhood: Origins, Evolution, and Implications, School for Advanced Research Advanced Seminar Series, Santa Fe, NM, (2016)
Emancipation of the voice: Vocal complexity as a fitness indicator., Locke, JL, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, [Epub ahead of print], (2016)
Emergence of a Homo sapiens-specific gene family and chromosome 16p11. 2 CNV susceptibility, Nuttle, X., Giannuzzi G., Duyzend M. H, Schraiber J. G, Narvaiza I., Sudmant P. H, Penn O., Chiatante G., Malig M., Huddleston J., Benner C., Camponeschi F., Ciofi-Baffoni S., Stessman H. A F, Marchetto M. C N, Denman L., Harshman L., Baker C., Raja A., Penewit K., Janke N., W. Tang J, Ventura M., Banci L., Antonacci F., Akey J., Amemiya C. T, Gage F. H, Reymond A., Eichler E. E, Nature, 536:205-209, Nature Research, (2016)
Evidence for expansion of the precuneus in human evolution., Bruner, E, Preuss TM, Chen X, Rilling JK, Brain Struct Funct, (2016)
Evolution of longevity, age at last birth and sexual conflict with grandmothering, Chan, M. H, Hawkes K., Kim P. S, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 393:145 - 157, (2016)
Evolutionary cultural anthropology: containing Ebola outbreaks and explaining hunter-gatherer childhoods, Hewlett, B S, Current Anthropology, 57:S27-S37, University of Chicago Press Chicago, IL, (2016)
Genomic evidence for the evolution of human postmenopausal longevity., Hawkes, K, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113:17-8, (2016)
Human-specific derived alleles of CD33 and other genes protect against postreproductive cognitive decline., Schwarz, F, Springer S A, Altheide T K, Varki N M, Gagneux P, Varki A, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113:74-9, (2016)
Human-specific derived alleles of CD33 and other genes protect against postreproductive cognitive decline., Schwarz, F, Springer SA, Altheide TK, Varki NM, Gagneux P, Varki A, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113:74-9, (2016)
Implicit measures for preschool children confirm self-esteem's role in maintaining a balanced identity, Cvencek, D, Greenwald A G, Meltzoff A N, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 62:50-57, Elsevier, (2016)
Infants' generalizations about other people's emotions: Foundations for trait-like attributions., Repacholi, BM, Meltzoff AN, Toub TS, Ruba AL, Developmental Psychology, 52:364-78, (2016)
Injury, Inflammation and the Emergence of Human Specific Genes, Baird, A, Costantini T, Coimbra R, Eliceiri B P, Wound Repair and Regeneration, Wiley Online Library, (2016)