In 2009, members of CARTA joined with other interested UCSD faculty to form a "Faculty of Anthropogeny," which proposed and established a graduate specialization track in Anthropogeny. The program, open to UCSD doctoral students who are interested in human origins from cooperating graduate departments, leads to a parenthetical degree in Anthropogeny.  Students enrolled in the graduate specialization track are required to complete the curriculum of elective courses on Human Origins, participate in scientific symposia and ensuing discussions, network with researchers from around the world, and "cross-train" with peers from a variety of disciplines.  A select few of these elective courses are also open to graduate students from any discipline on the UCSD/Salk campuses.

Introduction to Anthropogeny Lecture

CARTA Symposium

Student Museum Visit

Watch Alie Caldwell's journey through the "Cradle of Humanity" during CARTA's field course in East Africa: