Site Credits

The CARTA web site was developed and is hosted by the San Diego Supercomputer Center under a cooperative agreement.

Founded in 1985, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) enables international science and engineering discoveries through advances in computational science and high performance computing. Continuing this legacy into the era of cyberinfrastructure, SDSC is a strategic resource to science, industry and academia, offering leadership in the areas of data management, grid computing, bioinformatics, geoinformatics, high-end computing as well as other science and engineering disciplines. The mission of SDSC is to extend the reach of scientific accomplishments by providing tools such as high-performance hardware technologies, integrative software technologies and deep inter-disciplinary expertise, to the community.

Over the years, SDSC has served more than 10,000 researchers at 300 academic, government and industrial institutions in the United States and around the world. Today, these scientists and engineers increasingly rely on the availability of globally accessible data cyberinfrastructure tools to drive research and education. This focus on data cyberinfrastructure provides a broad and useful spectrum of integrated technologies to support increasingly complex, large-scale and cooperative scientific endeavors.