The Museum of Primatology (MOP) provides both knowledge and resources to educate future scholars at UC San Diego and advances the study of human origins through the integration of modern database and imaging tools with traditional education.  The development of unique tools that support and enhance the educational curriculum is critical to the advancement of the study of human origins.  With this aim, novel projects underway at MOP include:

  • Online training components for UC San Diego students learning osteology (use of virtual 3D renderings of bones to explore features in parallel with physical specimens)
  • Electronic comparative osteology interface for cross-species analysis
  • Online "manual of chimpanzee osteology," the first of its kind

While CARTA and MOP do not conduct courses, partnering with academic divisions at UC San Diego provides students access to our collections and digital resources.  Courses taught at UC San Diego utilizing MOP resources:

  • Comparative Anatomy/Osteology (Anthropology Department)
  • Human Osteology (Anthropology Department)
  • Introduction to Anthropogeny (Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Neurosciences, Psychology, and Visual Arts Departments)

Other training and education opportunities:

  • Collection management including specimen curation
  • Electronic catalog records management
  • Preparation of specimens for digitizing
  • Volunteer projects
  • Student projects
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