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CARTA encourages transdisciplinary research to advance our understanding of human origins through its symposium series. CARTA symposia provide a forum for researchers in varied fields to come together "to explore and explain the human phenomenon.” Member interactions continue after symposia and via the web site. This page lists examples of publications inspired by interactions amongst CARTA members. The list will be updated periodically.

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Vangenot, C, Gagneux, P, de Groot, N, Baumeyer, A, Mouterde, M, Crouau-Roy, B, Darlu, P, Sanchez-Mazas, A, Sabbagh, A, Poloni, E. Humans and Chimpanzees Display Opposite Patterns of Diversity in Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase Genes. G3 (Bethesda). 2019;9(7):2199-2224.
Mansukoski, L, Hogervorst, E, Furlan, L, Galvez-Sobral, J, Brooke-Wavell, K, Bogin, B. Instability in longitudinal childhood IQ scores of Guatemalan high SES individuals born between 1941-1953. PLOS ONE. 2019.
Mansukoski, L, Johnson, W, Brooke-Wavell, K, Galvez-Sobral, J, Furlan, L, Cole, T, Bogin, B. Life course associations of height, weight, fatness, grip strength, and all-cause mortality for high socioeconomic status Guatemalans. American Journal of Human Biology. 2019;31(4).
Kalebic, N, Gilardi, C, Stepien, B, Wilsch-Bräuninger, M, Long, K, Namba, T, Florio, M, Langen, B, Lombardot, B, Shevchenko, A, Kilimann, M, Kawasaki, H, Wimberger, P, Huttner, W. Neocortical Expansion Due to Increased Proliferation of Basal Progenitors Is Linked to Changes in Their Morphology. Cell Stem Cell. 2019;24(4):535-550.e9.
Bryant, K, Glasser, M, Li, L, J. Bae, J, Jacquez, N, Alarcón, L, Fields, A, Preuss, T. Organization of extrastriate and temporal cortex in chimpanzees compared to humans and macaques. Cortex. 2019.
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Namba, T, Vaid, S, Huttner, W. Primate neocortex development and evolution: Conserved versus evolved folding. J Comp Neurol. 2019;527(10):1621-1632.
Marchetto, M, Hrvoj-Mihic, B, Kerman, B, Yu, D, Vadodaria, K, Linker, S, Narvaiza, I, Santos, R, Denli, A, Mendes, A, Oefner, R, Cook, J, McHenry, L, Grasmick, J, Heard, K, Fredlender, C, Randolph-Moore, L, Kshirsagar, R, Xenitopoulos, R, Chou, G, Hah, N, Muotri, A, Padmanabhan, K, Semendeferi, K, Gage, F. Species-specific maturation profiles of human, chimpanzee and bonobo neural cells. eLife. 2019;8:e37527.
Keehn, RJao, Iversen, J, Schulz, I, Patel, A. Spontaneity and diversity of movement to music are not uniquely human. Current Biology. 2019;29(13):R621-R622.
Scheffler, C, Hermanussen, M, Bogin, B, Liana, D, Taolin, F, Cempaka, P, Irawan, M, Ibbibah, L, Mappapa, N, Payong, M, Homalessy, A, Takalapeta, A, Apriyanti, S, Manoeroe, M, Dupe, F, Ratri, R, Touw, S,.V.K., P, Murtani, B, Nunuhitu, R, Puspitasari, R, Riandra, I, Liwan, A, Amandari, P, Permatasari, A, Julia, M, Batubara, J, Pulungan, A. Stunting is not a synonym of malnutrition. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2019.
Rightmire, G, Margvelashvili, A, Lordkipanidze, D. Variation among the Dmanisi hominins: Multiple taxa or one species?. American Journal of Physical AnthropologyAmerican Journal of Physical AnthropologyAm J Phys Anthropol. 2019;168(3):481 - 495.
Kim, P, McQueen, J, Hawkes, K. Why does women's fertility end in mid-life? Grandmothering and age at last birth. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2019;461(14):84 - 91.
Kostic, M, Paridaen, J, Long, K, Kalebic, N, Langen, B, Wimberger, P, Kawasaki, H, Namba, T, Huttner, W. YAP activity is necessary and sufficient for basal progenitor abundance and proliferation in the developing neocortex. Cell Reports. 2019;27(4):1103–1118.
Gintis, H, Van Schaik, C, Boehm, C. Zoon Politikon: The Evolution of Human Socio-Political Systems. Behavioural Processes. 2019;161:17-30.


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Lew, C, Groeniger, K, Bellugi, U, Stefanacci, L, Schumann, C, Semendeferi, K. A postmortem stereological study of the amygdala in Williams syndrome. Brain Struct Funct. 2018;223(4):1897-1907.
Bulbul, O, Pakstis, AJ, Soundararajan, U, Gurkan, C, Brissenden, JE, Roscoe, JM, Evsanaa, B, Togtokh, A, Paschou, P, Grigorenko, EL, Gurwitz, D, Wootton, S, Lagace, R, Chang, J, Speed, WC, Kidd, KK. Ancestry inference of 96 population samples using microhaplotypes. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 2018;132(3):703 - 711.