Child abuse in the context of domestic violence: prevalence, explanations, and practice implications.

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Jouriles, E. N.; McDonald, R.; Slep, A. M. S.; Heyman, R. E.; Garrido, E.
Year of Publication: 2008
Journal: Violence Vict
Volume: 23
Issue: 2
Pagination: 221-35
Publication Language: eng
ISSN: 0886-6708
Keywords: Child, Child abuse, Child Behavior, Child Behavior Disorders, Child Development, Child Health Services, Child welfare, Domestic Violence, Family Therapy, Humans, Parent-Child Relations, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Social Environment, United States

This article addresses the following questions: (a) How common is child abuse among domestically violent families? (b) Are there specific patterns of child abuse among domestically violent families? (c) What may explain occurrences of child abuse in domestically violent families? (d) How might domestic violence affect treatment for child abuse? We review research on child abuse in the context of domestic violence. We discuss implications of this research for service-delivery programs for domestically violent families.

Alternate Journal: Violence Vict
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