Evolution of Cognitive Archaeology through Evolving Cognitive Systems: A Chapter for Tom Wynn

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CARTA-Inspired Publication
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Authors: Davidson, Iain.
Year of Publication: 2019
Book Title: Squeezing Minds From Stones: Cognitive Archaeology and the Evolution of the Human Mind
Date Published: 05/2019
Publication Language: eng

Tom Wynn’s original work that looked at the evolution of stone tool technology using Piaget’s developmental sequence was the beginning of productive research into the evolution of hominin and human cognition. In this chapter, I evaluate those beginnings and discusses recent attempts to provide a more satisfactory understanding of changes in stone tool technologies, including work by Philip Barnard and William McGrew, subsequent work by Tom Wynn, and my own work with various collaborators. It suggests that some of the previous understandings of cognitive evolution were shaped by the fact that approaches to stone tools were largely determined in the nineteenth century. I propose some new ways of looking at stone tools and the sort of story that allows for more productive models of the evolution of human cognition.