Evolution of Language

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CARTA-Inspired Publication
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Authors: Lieberman, P
Editors: Goldstein, Sam; Princiotta, Dana; Naglieri, Jack A.
Year of Publication: 2015
Book Title: Handbook of intelligence : evolutionary theory, historical perspective, and current concepts
Pagination: 47-84
Publisher: Springer
City: New York
Publication Language: eng
ISBN Number: 9781493915613 1493915614 9781493934935 1493934937
Call Number: BF431 .H31867 2015
Keywords: Brain Evolution., Cognition and culture., Educational tests and measurements., Genetic psychology., Human evolution., Intellect., Intelligence levels., Intelligence tests., Thought and thinking.

Sam Goldstein, Dana Princiotta, Jack A. Naglieri, editorsillustrations (some color) ; 25 cm"First softcover printing, 2015"--Verso of title page.1. The evolution of intelligence / Sam Goldstein -- 2. Intelligence in nonprimates / Thomas R. Zentall -- 3. Intelligence in nonhuman primates / Tara Mandalaywala, Christine Fleener, and Dario Maestripieri -- 4. The evolution of language / Philip Lieberman -- 5. Evolution of the human brain : from matter to mind / Michel A. Hofman -- 6. Intelligence as a conceptual construct : the philosophy of Plato and Pascal / Dana Princiotta and Sam Goldstein -- 7. The life and evolution of early intelligence theorists : Darwin, Galton, and Charcot / Jordan Rigby -- 8. Social competition and the evolution of fluid intelligence / David C. Geary -- 9. Intelligence defined : Wundt, James, Cattell, Thorndike, Goddard, and Yerkes / John D. Greenwood -- 10. Piaget's theory of intelligence / Ulrich M�ller, Kayla Ten Eycke, and Lesley Baker -- 11. Alfred Binet and the children of Paris / Amber Esping and Jonathan A. Plucker -- 12. From psychometric testing to clinical assessment : personalities, ideas, and events that shaped David Wechsler's views of intelligence and its assessment / Mark Benisz, Ron Dumont, and John O. Willis -- 13. A.R. Luria and intelligence defined as a neuropsychological construct / Dana Princiotta and Sam Goldstein -- 14. Intelligence : defined as neurocognitive processing / Tulio M. Otero -- 15. CHC theory of intelligence / Samuel O. Ortiz -- 16. Multiple intelligences in the new age of thinking / Robert J. Sternberg -- 17. Emotional and social intelligence and behavior / Richard E. Boyatzis, James Gaskin, and Hongguo Wei -- 18. Intelligence as a malleable construct / Lisa S. Blackwell, Sylvia Rodriguez, and Bel�n Guerra-Carrillo -- 19. Creativity and intelligence / Jonathan A. Plucker, Amber Esping, James C. Kaufman, and Maria J. Avitia -- 20. Hundred years of intelligence testing : moving from traditional IQ to second-generation intelligence tests / Jack A. Naglieri -- 21. The relationship between theories of intelligence and intelligence tests / W. Joel Schneider and Dawn P. Flanagan -- 22. Intelligence and culture : history and assessment / Donald H. Saklofske, Fons J.R. van de Vijver, Thomas Oakland, Elias Mpofu, and Lisa A. Suzuki -- 23. Common and variable aspects of intelligence / Arthur MacNeill Horton Jr. and Cecil R. Reynolds -- 24. Current concepts in the assessment of emotional intelligence / Steven J. Stein and Justin M. Deonarine -- 25. Intelligence and success / Tarmo Strenze -- 26. The use of intelligence tests in the diagnosis of specific reading disability / Nancy Mather and Deborah Schneider -- 27. Executive functioning and intelligence / Emily C. Duggan and Mauricio A. Garcia-Barrera -- 28. The evolution of intelligence : implications for educational programming and policy / Christopher Jones, Peggy L. Tarpley, and Douglas Blancero -- 29. The march of reason : what was hidden in our genes / James R. Flynn -- 30. Closing comments: Intelligence and Intelligence tests - past, present, and future / Jack A. Naglieri and Sam Goldstein.