Meta-Analysis of Menstrual Cycle Effects on Women’s Mate Preferences

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Wood, W.; Kressel, L.; Joshi, P.; Louie, B.
Year of Publication: 2014
Journal: Emotion Review
Start Page: 1
Pagination: 1-21
Publication Language: eng

In evolutionary psychology predictions, women’s mate preferences shift between fertile and nonfertile times of the month to reflect ancestral fitness benefits. Our meta-analytic test involving 58 independent reports (13 unpublished, 45 published) was largely nonsupportive. Specifically, fertile women did not especially desire sex in short-term relationships with men purported to be of high genetic quality (i.e., high testosterone, masculinity, dominance, symmetry). The few significant preference shifts appeared to be research artifacts. The effects declined over time in published work, were limited to studies that used broader, less precise definitions of the fertile phase, and were found only in published research.

DOI: 10.1177/1754073914523073