CARTA Members in the News: Dr. Robert (Chip) Schooley

Jun 19, 2020

No link seen between vital drugs, COVID-19,” Seattle Times, features Robert Schooley, MD

See also The Houston Chronicle

As researchers refine their understanding of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, it's often confusing to understand what variables in one's life might represent significant risk factors. The good news is that contrary to previous thinking, current evidence indicates that drugs used to treat hypertension don't elevate your risk of developing COVID complications. So, doctors like CARTA Member, Dr Robert (Chip) Schooley (UC San Diego School of Medicine), are now advising patients to keep taking their hypertension meds as instructed by their practitioner to avoid trading one risk (i.e. COVID-19 complications) for another (i.e. heart attack). “It may turn out that these agents may, in fact, even be protective, although we need additional research to confirm this,” says Schooley.