UC San Diego/Salk/CARTA and ASU’s Center for Evolution & Medicine Announce Partnership

Sep 29, 2016

Two distinguished organizations devoted to the study of human origins and human evolution have joined forces to strengthen their shared goals in research and education.

The UC San Diego/Salk/Center for Academic Research & Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA) and the Center for Evolution & Medicine (CEM) at Arizona State University have many things in common in regard to mission and purpose. In particular, they are united in their quest to answer fundamental questions regarding human origins and their relevance to the human condition including health and disease.

As a natural step to encourage further collaboration at all levels, CARTA and CEM will co-sponsor a symposium Friday, Oct 14th (1:00-5:30 pm) on Implications of Anthropology for Medicine and Health, at the Mandeville Auditorium on the UC San Diego campus. This symposium will bring together experts who will offer examples of applications of evolutionary biology and comparative medicine to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of various illnesses. Examples include: cardiovascular disease, obesity and other metabolic syndromes, sleep problems, reproductive health disorders, and diseases resulting from inappropriate immune responses, viewed in the context of anthropogeny. The speakers are world recognized authorities whose talks are reliably engaging for all audiences. The symposium will close with a live performance by the renowned peer-reviewed scientific poet and rap artist Baba Brinkman performing The Rap Guide to Medicine.

Admission is free and open to the public; however, registration is required. Registration information can be found at the bottom of the event page.

Anthropogeny is the quest to explain who we humans are and where we came from. The Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA) was established in 2008 at UC San Diego as an official organized research unit (ORU). Transdisciplinary interaction is at the core of CARTA’s mission. CARTA’s human origins symposia provide a forum for experts from vastly different fields to come together, share knowledge, and generate novel, testable hypotheses and agendas for fruitful research. These symposia are free and open to the public. They are also accessible worldwide through a live webcast. In so doing, CARTA seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the study of human origins across the globe, within both the academic community and the public at large. CARTA is also training a new generation of transdisciplinary thinkers through its Graduate Specialization Track in Anthropogeny, which is offered to UC San Diego graduate students.

About CEM
The ASU Center for Evolution & Medicine is a university-wide Presidential Initiative whose mission is to improve human health by establishing evolutionary biology as an essential basic science for medicine, worldwide. The Center brings leading scientists to ASU to join existing faculty in research that demonstrates the power of evolutionary biology to address problems in medicine and public health. The new courses and degrees they create will begin to meet the growing demand for such experiences, and will educate a generation of future researchers and health professionals. Many of these experiences will be at ASU, and some will be in conjunction with the new Mayo medical school, but others will be available online open access worldwide, providing the authoritative content that has long been needed to bridge the gap between evolutionary biology and medicine. The Center sponsors EvMedEd.org, a resource for students, educators and curious people everywhere.