Changes in plasma concentrations of inhibin A and inhibin B throughout sexual maturation in the male chimpanzee.

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Kondo, M; Udono, T; Jin, W; Shimizu, K; Funakoshi, M; Itoh, M; Watanabe, G; Groome, N P; Taya, K
Year of Publication: 2000
Journal: Endocr J
Volume: 47
Issue: 6
Pagination: 707-14
Date Published: 12/2000
Publication Language: eng
ISSN: 0918-8959
Keywords: Aging, Animals, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Gonadotropins, Pituitary, Humans, Inhibins, Luteinizing Hormone, Male, Pan troglodytes, Prolactin, Sexual Maturation, Testosterone

Profiles of circulating plasma inhibin A and inhibin B during sexual maturation in male chimpanzees were investigated by using two-site enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA). Plasma concentrations of testosterone and pituitary gonadotropins were also measured. Concentrations of inhibin B, testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and prolactin increased with age throughout prepuberty to adulthood, whereas inhibin A level was low and there were no age-related changes in concentrations of either inhibin A and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Inhibin B showed an inverse correlation with FSH in adult (7 years or order) but not in immature (6 years or younger) male chimpanzees. There was no correlation between plasma levels of FSH and testosterone throughout the period of sexual maturation. However, testosterone levels were positively correlated with inhibin B levels. These results suggest that circulating inhibin B is involved in the regulation of FSH secretion after puberty in adult male chimpanzees, and also that circulating inhibin B is an important form of inhibin as a marker of Sertoli cell function in adult male chimpanzees.

Alternate Journal: Endocr. J.
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