Characterizing prehistoric archery: technical and functional analyses of the Neolithic bows from La Draga (NE Iberian Peninsula)

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Piqué, R.; Palomo, A.; Terradas, X.; Tarrús, J.; Buxó, R.; Bosch, À.; Chinchilla, J.; Bodganovic, I.; López, O.; Saña, M.
Year of Publication: 2015
Journal: Journal of Archaeological Science
Volume: 55
Start Page: 166
Pagination: 166-173
Date Published: 03/2015
Publication Language: eng
Keywords: Bow function, La Draga, Neolithic, Prehistoric archery

The discovery in 2012 of a complete yew bow (Taxus baccata) in the lakeside Neolithic site of La Draga, together with two more fragmented bows from previous field seasons, are the oldest evidence of archery among farming communities in Europe. This group of bows has allowed different aspects of prehistoric archery to be considered. Firstly with regard to the manufacturing processes of these weapons, which show great uniformity in terms of the raw material used, but some variety in shapes and sizes. Secondly about the socioeconomic significance of weapons in societies which no longer based their economy on hunting and gathering.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2015.01.005