Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes

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Anthropogeny, APE
Publication Type: Book
Authors: Waal, F. B. M. de
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: 235
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
City: Baltimore
Publication Language: eng
ISBN Number: 0801858399
Keywords: Chimpanzees, Sexual behavior in animals., Social behavior in animals

Frans de Waal's Chimpanzee Politics was acclaimed not only by primatologists for its scientific achievement but also by a much broader audience of politicians, business leaders, and social psychologists for its remarkable insights into very basic human needs and behaviors. In this revised edition -- featuring a new gallery of color photographs along with a new introduction and epilogue -- de Waal expands and updates his story of the Arnhem colony and its continuing political upheavals. We learn the fate of many memorable chimpanzees and meet the colony's current leaders and their allies. The new edition remains a detailed and thoroughly engrossing account -- of sexual rivalries and coalitions, of actions governed by intelligence rather than instinct -- and it reaffirms the complex bond between humans and their closest living relatives. As we watch the chimpanzees of Arnhem behave in ways we recognize from Machiavelli (and from the nightly news), de Waal reminds us again that the roots of politics are older than humanity.Personalities -- Two power takeovers -- Restless stability -- Sexual privileges -- Social mechanisms

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