Coalitions and alliances in humans and other animals

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Anthropogeny, APE
Publication Type: Book
Authors: Harcourt, A. H; Waal, F. B. M. de
Year of Publication: 1992
Number of Pages: x, 531 p
Publisher: Oxford University Press
City: Oxford [England] ; New York
Publication Language: eng
ISBN Number: 0198542739 (hbk.)
Keywords: Comparative, Competition (Psychology), Cooperativeness, Primates, Psychology, Social behavior in animals, Sociobiology

This book explores in detail how and why animals, including humans, cooperate with one another in conflicts with other members of their own species, and examines the difference such help makes to their lives and to the nature of the societies in which they live.


edited by Alexander H. Harcourt and Frans B.M. de Waalill. ; 24 cm1. Coalitions and alliances: a history of ethological research / Frans B. M. de Waal and A. H. Harcourt -- Pt. I. Coalitions, Alliances, and the Structure of Society. 2. The role of alliances in social inheritance of rank among female primates / Bernard Chapais. 3. Effects of availability of allies on female dominance structure / S. B. Datta. 4. Conflict intervention behaviour by adult male macaques: structural and functional aspects / Carolyn L. Ehardt and Irwin S. Bernstein. 5. Coalition formation in a colony of prepubertal spotted hyaenas / Cynthia J. Zabel, Stephen E. Glickman, Laurence G. Frank, Katya B. Woodmansee and Geoffrey Keppel. 6. Segmentary 'warfare' and the management of conflict: comparison of East African chimpanzees and patrilineal-patrilocal humans / Christopher Boehm. 7. The effects of intragroup cooperation and intergroup competition on in-group cohesion and out-group hostility / Jacob L. Rabbie -- Pt. II. Cooperative Strategies in the 'Political' Arena8. Patterns of intervention in agonistic contests among male bonnet macaques / Joan B. Silk. 9. Coalitions as part of reciprocal relations in the Arnhem chimpanzee colony / Frans B. M. de Waal. 10. Intervention in conflicts among children: contexts and consequences / Karl Grammer. 11. Alliance formation among male baboons: shopping for profitable partners / Ronald Noe. 12. Cooperation in conflict: alliances in international politics / Vincent S. E. Falger -- Pt. III. Coalitions and Alliances: Evolutionary Considerations. 13. Cooperation in competition: the ecology of primate bonds / Jan A. R. A. M. van Hooff and Carel P. van Schaik. 14. Sex differences in alliances, and the acquisition and maintenance of dominance status among immature primates / P. C. Lee and J. A. Johnson. 15. Dolphin alliances and coalitions / Richard C. Connor, Rachel A. Smolker and Andrew F. Richards. 16. Coalitions and alliances: are primates more complex than non-primates? / A. H. Harcourt17. The evolution of reciprocity when conditions vary / Robert Boyd -- Conclusion. 18. Cooperation in conflict: from ants to anthropoids / A. H. Harcourt and Frans B. M. de Waal

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