High-resolution maps of hunter-gatherer social networks reveal human adaptation for cultural exchange

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Publication Type: Journal Article
Authors: Andrea Bamberg Migliano; Abigail Page; Jesus Gomez-Gardenes; Sylvain Viguier; Mark Dyble; James Thompson; Nikhill Chaudhary; Gul Deniz Salali; Daniel Smith; Janis Strods; Vito Latora; Ruth Mace; Lucio Vinicius
Year of Publication: 2016
Publication Language: eng

Are interactions with unrelated and even unknown individuals a by-product of modern life in megacities? Here we argue instead that social ties among non-kin are a crucial human adaptation. By deploying a new portable wireless sensing technology (motes), we mapped social networks in Agta and BaYaka hunter-gatherers in unprecedented detail. We show that strong friendships with non-kin optimize the global efficiency of their social networks thereby facilitating cultural exchange, and that the adaptation for forming friendship ties appears early in development. The ability to extend networks and form strong non-kin ties may explain some human distinctive characteristics such as hypersociality and cumulative culture, and the tendency to exchange ideas with unrelated and unknown individuals in megacities and online social networks.

DOI: 10.1101/040154
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