CARTA Members in the News: Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge)

Sep 16, 2020

Double Rainbows

CARTA Member, Simon Baron-Cohen (and yes, he is cousin is that other famous Baron-Cohen), is British clinical psychologist and professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Cambridge, as well as the Director of the University's Autism Research Centre and a Fellow of Trinity College. His most recent published research explores the spectrum of gender diversity as it overlaps with neuro-diversity. The majority of the data (from ~514,000 people) for this mammoth undertaking came from an online survey conducted as part of a 2017 British television documentary about autism where Prof. Baron-Cohen, the new study’s lead investigator, also led the collection of those data.

Dattaro, L. Largest study to date confirms overlap between autism and gender diversity. Spectrum. Published 2020 September 14. (OPEN ACCESS)

Warrier V, Greenberg DM, Weir E, et al. Elevated rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses, and autistic traits in transgender and gender-diverse individuals. Nat Commun. 2020;11(1):3959. Published 2020 Aug 7. doi:10.1038/s41467-020-17794-1. (FREE PMC ARTICLE)

Learn more about his fascinating work in his CARTA profile:

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Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen