Human and Non-Human Cultures

Event Dates: 
Oct 2, 2009 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Event Sessions

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Date Media Session Title Speakers
Fri 10/2 File Welcome Margaret Schoeninger, University of California, San Diego
Fri 10/2 Opening Remarks James Moore, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, Anthropology Dept, UCSD
Fri 10/2 File Human Universals: How and Where They Differ Donald Brown, University of California, Santa Barbara
Fri 10/2 File Cultural Reflexivity in Human Cultures Rupert Stasch, University of Cambridge
Fri 10/2 File Social Learning and Traditions in Wild Capuchin Monkeys Susan Perry, University of California, Los Angeles
Fri 10/2 File The Psittacine Diaspora: Vocal Dialects in Wild Parrots Timothy Wright, New Mexico State University
Fri 10/2 File Vocal Learning in Dolphins and Parrots Peter Tyack, University of St Andrews
Fri 10/2 File Cultures of the Open Ocean: The Sperm Whale Hal Whitehead, Dalhousie University
Fri 10/2 File The Cultural Worlds of Child and Chimpanzee Andrew Whiten, University of St. Andrews
Fri 10/2 File The Cultural as Emergent Order: What Francois Jacob tells Claude Levi-Strauss Jonathan Friedman, UC San Diego
Fri 10/2 Closing Remarks Margaret Schoeninger, University of California, San Diego
Fri 10/2 File Matrix of Comparative Anthropogeny (MOCA) Pascal Gagneux, University of California, San Diego
Ajit Varki, UC San Diego School of Medicine