Origins of Genus Homo

Event Dates: 
Feb 5, 2016 -
1:00pm to 5:30pm
Event Chairs:

Steven Churchill, Duke University
Philip Rightmire, Harvard University

Despite discoveries of remarkable new fossils in recent years, the evolutionary events surrounding the origins of genus Homo are incompletely understood. This CARTA symposium explores evidence bearing on the emergence of our genus, focusing on possible antecedents to Homo, changes in diet and body form as Australopithecus evolved toward Homo, ancient species within the genus, and evolutionary processes likely operating 2.5 - 1.5 million years ago.

Event Sessions

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Date Media Session Title Speakers
Fri 2/5 File Welcome Margaret Schoeninger, University of California, San Diego
Fri 2/5 File Opening Remarks Steven Churchill, Duke University
Fri 2/5 File Homo - What, Who, When, Where? Bernard Wood, George Washington University
Fri 2/5 File Australopithecus and the Emergence of Earliest Homo William Kimbel, Arizona State University
Fri 2/5 File Dmanisi, Variation, and Systematics of Early Homo Philip Rightmire, Harvard University
Fri 2/5 File Adaptive Shifts Accompanying the Origin of Homo Dan Lieberman, Harvard University
Fri 2/5 File A Potential Molecular Mechanism for the Speciation of Genus Homo Pascal Gagneux, University of California, San Diego
Fri 2/5 File Southern Africa and the Origin of Homo Steven Churchill, Duke University
Fri 2/5 File Evolution of Early Human Body Form Carol Ward, University of Missouri-Columbia
Fri 2/5 File Evolution of Human Life History Patterns Leslie Aiello, The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (retired)
Fri 2/5 File Energetics and the Ecology of Early Homo Herman Pontzer, Hunter College CUNY
Fri 2/5 File Question and Answer Session, Closing Remarks Philip Rightmire, Harvard University
Speakers and Audience
Ajit Varki, UC San Diego School of Medicine