The Upright Ape: Bipedalism and Human Origins

Event Dates: 
Dec 16, 2011 -
1:00pm to 5:30pm
Event Chairs:

Christopher Ruff, Johns Hopkins University
Steven Churchill, Duke University

Event Sessions

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Date Media Session Title Speakers
Fri 12/16 File Welcome and Opening Remarks Christopher Ruff, Johns Hopkins University
Margaret Schoeninger, University of California, San Diego
Fri 12/16 File Foot and Ankle Diversity in Australopithecus Jeremy DeSilva, Dartmouth College
Fri 12/16 File Pelvic Architecture of Australopithecus Sediba and the Genus Homo Steven Churchill, Duke University
Fri 12/16 File Insights into Hominin Bipedalism from Gorilla Anatomy Matt Tocheri, Lakehead University
Fri 12/16 File Pleistocene Footprints and the Evolution of Human Bipedalism Brian Richmond, American Museum of National History
Fri 12/16 File Early Hominin Body Form Carol Ward, University of Missouri-Columbia
Fri 12/16 File Limb Strength Proportions and Locomotion in Early Hominins Christopher Ruff, Johns Hopkins University
Fri 12/16 File The Evolution and Relevance of Human Running Dan Lieberman, Harvard University
Fri 12/16 File Bipedalism and the Evolution of the Genus Homo Leslie Aiello, The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (retired)
Fri 12/16 File Body Fat and Bipedality Matt Cartmill, Boston University
Fri 12/16 File Wrap-Up, Question and Answer and Closing Remarks Steven Churchill, Duke University
Christopher Ruff, Johns Hopkins University
Ajit Varki, UC San Diego School of Medicine