Anatomy and Biomechanics

This Domain lists topics relating to bodily structure as discovered by dissection, including skeletal and soft tissues, as well as topics relating to the movements of the organism.

Domain Topics

There are 44 topics in this domain

Topic Name Topic Authors
Age of Fontanelles / Cranial Sutures Closure Melanie Beasley
Age of Pelvic Bone Fusion Melanie Beasley
Bicondylar Angle of the Femur Carol Ward
Bipedal Foot Morphology Carol Ward
Breadth of Corpus Sternii MOCA Author
Choroid Plexus Biondi Bodies MOCA Author
Dentition Size and Tooth Number Jean-Jacques Hublin
External Nose Projection Robert Franciscus
Foramen Magnum Placement Melanie Beasley
Hip and Knee Kinematics Carol Ward
Hyoid Bulla Majesta O'Bleness
Hypoglossal Nerve Size MOCA Author
Inner Ear Canal Morphology Jean-Jacques Hublin
Kidney Basement Membrane Thickness Nissi Varki
Lacrimal Gland Structure MOCA Author
Laryngeal Air Sacs Philip Lieberman
Length of Cervical Vertebral Spinous Processes MOCA Author
Low Trabecular Bone Density MOCA Author
Lumbar Lordosis Melanie Beasley
Morphology of the Brow Ridge MOCA Author
Number of Lumbar Vertebrae Nissi Varki
Occipital Bone Morphology MOCA Author
Occipitomarginal Venous Sinus MOCA Author
Pelvic Height and Iliac Flare MOCA Author
Prognathism MOCA Author
Protuberantia Menti (Chin) Jean-Jacques Hublin
Relative Thumb Length MOCA Author
Rib Cage Flaring MOCA Author
Sagittal Crest of the Skull MOCA Author
Sclera Pigmentation Hope Morgan
Scoliosis Camille Toarmino
Sexual Body Size Dimorphism Hector Reynoso
Size and Position of Frontal Air Sinuses Melanie Beasley
Size of Apical Phalangeal Tufts MOCA Author
Skeletal Muscle Strength Nina Jablonski
Skeletal Robusticity MOCA Author
Small/Large Intestine Length Ratio MOCA Author
Sphenoid Bone Length MOCA Author
Striding Bipedalism MOCA Author
Supralaryngeal Vocal Tract Philip Lieberman
Thoracic Innervation of the Intercostal Muscles Philip Lieberman
Thumb Opposability MOCA Author
Upper Facial Height Robert Franciscus
Upright Posture Nina Jablonski