MOCA Timeline

This tool enables you to graphically visualize and analyze the timing relationships between MOCA topics. It enables you to select and plot MOCA topics along a timeline so that the time ranges of topics can be compared and you can explore the potential temporal relationships between topics.

Expand the "Change Timeline" fieldset below for more graphing options. Please email with any questions about this tool.

Change Timeline
  • Choose options from the form below and click the "Redraw Timeline" button to change graph.
  • For graphing specific topics, first remove the "All Topics" option and then start typing to find and select topics.
  • Click on the "Reset" button below to remove all search filters.
  • Click on the legend labels (Possible, Probable, Definite) to show/hide those date categories.
  • Select regions of the graph with mouse to zoom in.
  • Click on the topic names in the graph y-axis to view more about each topic.
  • Click the three bar icon in the top right corner of the graph for more options.