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Humans have a wide variety of tools. Primates have four limbs for manipulating objects. Upright posture and manipulative hands are the adaptation to the arboreal life. Chimpanzees also manufacture and use a wide variety of tools. Tool can be defined by the detached object to get a goal. If this definition is accepted, then there is a lot of evidence of nonhuman animals using tools. However, there are some limitations such as hierarchical structure of tools. For example, humans make a tool by another tool. Chimpanzee sometimes use a tool set or tool kit to combine the multiple tools but there should be a limit of number of parts to be involved. Shelters are often utilized by humans but not much in chimpanzees. It must be important to recognize that only the great apes make the sleeping platform (called bed or nest) but not the gibbons nor the monkeys. According to the definition, the nest is a sort of tool to function as a shelter. 


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